Create, Reflect, Connect

We have worked in many diverse group settings including local councils, non-profit organisations, schools, aged care facilities and community houses.

We have worked with groups whose first language is not English, conducted Wellbeing Days for service providers and helped to open newly built council spaces in the community.

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Group Workshops

Workshops are moulded to the specific needs of the group, they can be held as a one off event or as a series over a period of weeks.

Groups can vary in size, from six to twenty plus participants, where larger group sizes will be run by two facilitators.

Some of the benefits of group work include:

  • Building a sense of community
  • Team work/ building relationships
  • Peer support within a group setting
  • Reducing isolation and stigma
  • Social Interaction
  • Finding creative ways to problem solve
  • Gaining new perspectives and narratives
  • Building self-esteem and confidence
  • Sharing a common theme or experience

    School Groups

    Do you have students that are at risk, disengaged, struggling with a new diagnosis, having difficulties transitioning to high school or prep or impacted by the effects of grief?

    Our facilitators work with students to create a safe, all inclusive space. Here students learn through a multi-modal psycho-educational approach.

    We invite students to creatively problem solve, learning new communication strategies and skills, sharing common themes which reduce stigma, anxiety and isolation. Students engage with art materials and art making, sharing through circle time, games, mindfulness, storytelling, poetry and movement.

    In utilising the creative arts students are able to express themselves in a multi-dimensional sense, thereby encompassing the ‘whole’ self.

    ‘Seasons of Growth’ Sessions

    Suitable for ages 6 to 18 years.

    Alice is a trained Seasons of Growth Facilitator.

    ‘Seasons of Growth is an education program that builds the resilience and wellbeing of children who have recently experienced loss due to death, family separation or migration. Seasons for Growth aims to support young people to understand their feelings, help them develop skills for coping, restore self-confidence and educate them about the grief process. The program is underpinned by evidence about resilience, emotional competence and identity.’

    Wellbeing Days

    Creative Space Counselling provide Wellbeing Days for corporations, non-profit organisations and those working in the community and education sectors.

    We live in a fast-paced culture where it is hard to switch off and slow down. Often our ‘to-do’ lists and productivity goals are blurred across our personal lives and the workplace. In reality, the clich√© statement ‘health is wealth’ actually rings true. We find that productivity and satisfaction in all aspects of life increases when we are able to find balance and form healthy habits.

    When we are only defined by our roles in the world, or the labels that we give ourselves, we tend to forget our common thread; our humanity. It is a focus on our human needs and wellbeing that will prevent us from burning out.

    Wellbeing Days provide people in the workplace or community with a safe and nurturing environment to practice this important work. With time to reflect, connect and reset.

    At Creative Space Counselling we bring a balance of play, creativity, reflection and response, where individual needs are met and creative solutions are discovered. The day is structured around the specific needs of the group and incorporates different approaches to the wellbeing model. We often use meditation and mindfulness practices, journaling, art making, movement, storytelling and collage to name a few.

    Participants will leave having learnt new skills or may even build on their existing skill set.

    Wellbeing Days can be held for a morning, an afternoon or over a day. Please email us for further enquiries.

    We Practice Inclusivity in a Safe Space for Everyone…

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    At Creative Space counselling we feel privileged to work with people, families and children of all ages, genders, ethnicity and backgrounds.

    We also acknowledge the Wurundjeri People of the Kulin Nations as the traditional owners of the land on which we work and live. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.