What to expect

A number of clients do report experiencing strong emotions between appointments, this is normal
and usually passes soon. If you are finding this particularly stressful there are steps that you can take to manage it.

  • Controlled deep breathing for a short while
  • A casual walk
  • Discussing the feelings with a friend may help
  • Meditation

If you feel that these strategies are not adequate, please feel free to text or email your counsellor for further help.

After hours support services are available

Life line 131114

Beyond blue 1300 22 4636

Jan Hashman

Down to earth with real experience

Jan's background as a registered Nurse (R.N.) and paralegal worker has given her the experience to recognise that our physical/emotional/psychological selves are very closely inter-related. A problem in any single area impacts on the others. Hence, the requirement in her counselling for a holistic approach.


Leave every session with a clear direction

Don't turn to medicine without seeing a counsellor first