Down to earth with real experience

Jan has had an interest in people, their diversity and uniqueness for many years.

During her time as a registered nurse this interest deepened as she encountered people from numerous cultural, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. Her career change to paralegal work again gave her the opportunity to relate to people, often in crisis.

Jan’s association with Psychoanalysis began over 30 years ago. She was able to realise a long term ambition to commence her own practice in 2008.

Jan’s combination of training and experience enables her to be able to offer a holistic approach to her clients seeking counselling.

Jan Hashman

Down to earth with real experience

Jan's background as a registered Nurse (R.N.) and paralegal worker has given her the experience to recognise that our physical/emotional/psychological selves are very closely inter-related. A problem in any single area impacts on the others. Hence, the requirement in her counselling for a holistic approach.


Leave every session with a clear direction

Don't turn to medicine without seeing a counsellor first