Jan Hashman

Down to earth with real experience

Jan’s background as a registered Nurse (R.N.) and paralegal worker has given her the experience to recognise that our physical/emotional/psychological selves are very closely inter-related. A problem in any single area impacts on the others. Hence, the requirement in her counselling for a holistic approach.

R.N., Dip. Fin. Counselling,

Dip. Analytical Psychotheraphy,


  • Leave every session with a clear direction

    Sound out your problems with an expert counseller that offers you compassion and careful consideration for your life’s direction.

  • Don’t turn to medicine without seeing a counsellor first

    Many people feel over whelmed and find it difficult to manage a variety of issues. Stress can affect other areas of our lives. When confidence and self esteem are eroded, this spreads into most areas of our lives.